A bold new Bolero.

As I am sure I have mentioned my Midnight Sewers Class, meeting every Monday evening, is tackling Bustle Skirts. I have purchased a pattern (which is most unlike me, as I normally like to cut my own patterns), because I thought we could fell two birds & take in a bit of pattern reading too.

We chose Simplicity 1819, which houses a wonderfully useful collection of patterns & whilst I am going to chart our progress in future posts for now I’d like to show you my new project.

Amongst the various patterns, including two bustle skirt styles, a stretch vest & a corset, are two styles of Bolero jacket & it is to these I am finding myself drawn. I’ve noticed over the last few months that I have been discovering more & more pictures of Bolero’s both extant & modern, & I find them just delightful. I had been meaning to draft my own pattern but for now I am going to use this one as it really looks quite delightful.

It is towards the decoration of the extant Boleros’ I am consistently drawn to, & I love the simplicity of this pattern because it is really going to form a platform for my decoration.

I have chosen a stunning Gunmetal Grey Velvet to make the Bolero in, with a pale pink cotton lining printed with white doves, matched with pale pink lining for the rest. I will be decorating the outer with black binding and hopefully lace using the following pictures as inspiration.

I want to have it display a modern twist, as well as firmly be recognisable as a Victorian inspired piece. Hepefully the two tone lining will help! I am looking forward to starting.

Happy Stitching!



I’ve just been linked to this, & I have to say it’s really rather ingenious!

The clever instructions take you through all the different steps to make a simple but incredibly effective Bustle Skirt. I have never thought of using Bulldog Clips to arrange the pleats, & really wish I had! The small detail I would change is to continue that beautiful trim around the skirt hem in its entirity.

Also, I adore her fabric! Follow the link. . .


Happy Stitching!