How to Make a Piped Cushion Cover with a Zipper Opening

Lots of people in my classes asking about this technique recently. I shall be running a couple masterclasses soon (watch this space) but this tutorial is a great place to start.
Happy stitching!


Cushion cover with pad  1. First decide what size you would like the finished cushion cover to be then add on a seam allowance to work out the size of the cushion panel pieces. Cut out two cushion panels of this size from the fabric. I normally make my cushions slightly smaller than the size of the cushion pad so the finished cushion is all lovely and puffy.

cushion panels front and back

2. To attach the piping its best to use a zipper foot. You will need enough piping to go all the way around the edge of the cushion panel plus 6 inches to make the piping / welt joint. I’ve made my own piping using some bias strips from the cushion fabric. Here’s a quick picture of the inside so you can see it’s construction.

Covered piping

When the piping is sewn to the cushion panel use a bobbin thread colour that will show up on the wrong side of the fabric as it will make it easier to see where to sew when the cushion…

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