There are some amazing Sew-a-Longs out there… it’s almost like having your own personal Tutor!
Happy stitching!

Bristol Sewing Club

Have you all heard the phrase ‘Sew-a-Long’? It’s something a lot of the Independent Pattern Companies out there are doing when they release a new Pattern so that, if you buy a copy, you have a Tutorial tailored to the Pattern to help you make it up! How splendiferous is that?!

Here’s a quick run through of some of the best, but by no means the least of them…


Producing Patterns for the Pear Shaped figure, Sewaholic have a complete run through of their Sew-a-Longs here. Their Patterns are really lovely, and great for the Beginner or Intermediate Sewer. You can choose from Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, even Shorts!, and more my personal favourite being The Cambie Dress which just look so pretty and flattering!  See various Sew-a-Long tips for this dress over at the Sewaholic Blog here.


Thread Theory

Producing a fantastic range of Mens Sewing Patterns…

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