Notions Zines

As you may have noticed, I am following along with the Great British Sewing Bee, and I am hoping you are finding the many and varied Tutorials, hints and tips useful!

If you are a beginner Seamstress, you may want to check out my Notions Zine Series, which is a collection of mini magazines all with a theme and all about helping you sew more professionally!

zine promo

Included in the series so far are booklets on Zips, Understanding Patterns, Seams, Darts, Tucks, Pleats and Gathers and a mini mini booklet all about the Vintage Sewing Books here at Midnight Heights. They are fully illustrated either with unique and original illustrations or examples taken from my Vintage Sewing books.

All are available as either a hard copy format, or as an instant downloadable PDF, individually or as a lovely bundle of sewing goodies!!

To buy, visit my Etsy shop, happy stitching!



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