The Great British Sewing Bee: Week 1


Well… what did we all think?!

Click the above link to watch (it will be available to watch until the 25th of February, if you are in foreign parts you may have to search the underbelly of the Internet!) the first episode, which was a tour de force of sewing techniques!

Those poor contestants, they were well and truly worked over! From pinning, to pattern matching, not pinning OR pattern matching (I’ll be watching Chinelo with interest!), sewing Darts, clipping curveseasing fabric and under stitching and the ever present Patch Pocket; our first introduction to this years contestants was fascinating. And this was just all on the first challenge!!

I thought it was very clever to use the different fabrics for each challenge. Cotton is obviously the easiest to use, and I was surprised when a couple contestants admitted to not having used Wool before however; I thought the Silk challenge really levelled the contestants!

Over the next few days, and as promised, I shall be sharing my tips on creating Hand Made Button Loops, a simple Tunic Top and customising a Skirt. Over the course of the next eight weeks I shall also be sharing my hints and tips on working with different fabrics- and finally using my beautiful Merchant & Mills Book to make my own Tailors Ham, which is a wonderful piece of equipment to have around when working with Wool.

If you would like to try your hand a Chinelo’s Pattern Free lifestyle, check out my A-Line Skirt or Pyjamas Tutorials, both of which are drawn straight on to the fabric using measurements (and a little Math!) taken from the body.

Has this first episode inspired you?

Happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “The Great British Sewing Bee: Week 1

  1. It was good fun watching the first episode! It is always nice to see others being as enthousiastic about sewing as I am – and that on tv! I am knee deep in wedding dress sewing at the moment, making progress so all is well!

    • Ooh, for you? I love and hate sewing wedding dresses lol!! I too love how enthusiastic they all are. Just like me they’re all obsessed and devoted to the craft. I can’t wait for next week xxx

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  3. Pingback: Sewing Bee Snippets Week 1 | Laura After Midnight

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