The Cushion Gallery is open…


As many of you are aware, I teach Sewing at several different locations, and post tutorials here to share what I have learnt over the years and hopefully encourage others! One of the courses I teach is a beginners Sewing Course at Cordial & Grace in Clifton, Bristol and I have been teaching it for over two years now. The first lesson is a Patchwork Cushion, the second a Tote Bag and the third an A-Line Skirt.

Everyone starts off with a Patchwork Cushion. They all look at my sample and don’t believe they’ll manage it, some take longer, some unpick endlessly, some crash into it with glee and untidy seams but all make a Patchwork cushion in three hours (stopping for some much deserved tea and home made cake of course!), and every single one of them goes home happy and brimming with pride.

At the beginning of the year I realised I must, in my time at Cordial & Grace, have taught well over 100 students to make this simple design, and I posted the tutorial for it for others to use. Then I really got to thinking! I decided I was pretty proud of myself for inspiring so many, and came to the conclusion that I would like to record this years Cushions!

Somewhere between a New Year’s Resolution and a mini Manifesto I shall share them here.

If you would like to join in, email, comment, sharetweet your Patchwork Cushion using the Tutorialand I shall add it to the pile. At the end of the year I’ll add ‘em up and maybe even run a prize for the most outstanding!

As you can see, many students take my suggestion to switch the design up on board, each is unique and beautiful, some fabrics are obviously liked by many and most owners don’t want their picture taken!! See the full Gallery here!

Happy stitching!


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