New Sewing Kits!

pink blue kit 1

I’ve been sharing photos and hinting at this for about a week now (I get a little overexcited!), and finally they’re ready for release!

I have developed a New Sewing Kit, a Bunting Kit, as well as completely transferring all of my Kits and Zines to digital files so all can be bought and immediately downloaded if you simply can’t wait to start reading or stitching! Of course the Digital Downloads will be slightly cheaper because they don’t come with any materials… which is great if you, like me, have a stash of Fabric!

Available are:

pink kit 1 blue kit 3 pink green kit 1

A one colour, three colour and two colour Bunting Kit, all include enough fabric to make 3 meters/yards of Bunting in three different designs… yes, three! There are three different patterns to make, all of which can be re-used, and a booklet/zine of how to make up including details on how to decorate your Bunting with edgings and appliqué!

All will be released officially on Monday, and I will have several offers and treats for you all next week however; I have listed them already on Etsy so if you simply can’t wait, check them out now!

You may also switch out the fabrics if you like, and there are 19 different fabrics  to choose from. Aren’t I good to you!

Fabric Samples

I think this is my prettiest kit ever! All Kits are £10.50, and the Digital PDF Kit is just £3.50.

all bunting   pink green 2   all bunting kits

Watch this space for more Kits, and the PDF revolution!

Happy stitching!


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