Pop Up Sewing Emporium… success!

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Phew! What a crazy, hectic, mad, brilliant December I had, but I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you the super fun day that was the Christmas Pop Up Sewing Emporium!!

It was a lovely day, very rainy out which undoubtedly affected turn out however; everyone who came had a lovely time and made some beautiful decorations and gifts! We even had a new Dad stitch up a stocking for his new Son, so cute!

2 10 9

On the day I was so nervous! It was so liberating and exciting to run something like this myself however; I had for some reason decided I was going to be sat, all alone and surrounded by fabric, beads, thread and sparkle with no one to play with however; at just £5 a go the Pop Up Sewing Emporium proved irresistible to many and in the end every table was occupied with crafty peeps!

Cafe Kino were wonderful, and many availed themselves of their delicious Veggie BLT’s and coffee! There was so much room, it has thoroughly gotten me excited for the next one because there could have been so many more tables, market stalls and sewing.

I set up a wall of examples and inspiration with all of the fabric and decorations underneath and visitors were able to select their materials then get down to some serious Christmassy stitching! It was, as ever, wildly exciting to see what others make up from just a few suggestions and inspirations. Each little table had an oversized Vintage Glass Pincushion, pot of Pens and Pencils, lots of Scissors and a Vintage Tablecloth! It just looked adorable and everyone who came settled in at a table with a cuppa or some coffee and the whole space felt like a cool, secret after school club for grown ups!

7 5

My runaway favourite make was a delightful little Pink Fox Brooch a little girl made. Sadly I didn’t manage to get a photo but she was so pleased! In fact she at one point very seriously turned to me and said, ‘Are these on all the time?’ which completely made my day! (I am pleased to say, the Pop Up Sewing Emporium will return in the New Year).

20131214_152511-1 20131214_144614-1 20131214_152518-1

Lessons I learnt from the day? Advertise more! Even when you think you have advertised as much as you can, do more!! I think also there is a real ‘window’ for advertising and mine was a little early in some cases. I think I should have started a month before, then reinforced the week before. All of this of course comes with experience, and I shall learn more as I host more Pop Up Sewing events. I also needed an assistant to help people when I was otherwise occupied, which was Fella’s take away from the day and makes me feel a little grandiose but he’s right. I also felt I maybe gave visitors a little too much freedom, the choice was limitless and some had a hard time choosing what to make so next time I shall be running a more course like event, with pre-booking.

It all passed so quickly and has left me thirsty for more, so I am busily organizing myself to run events hopefully in April, when I shall be a little less in competition with other, larger Christmas events and everyone has gotten over the Christmas splurge and New Year tightening of belts. I think my first will be T-Shirt Making, and I hope to have a fellow Sewer host a Customization Bar… so you can see why I would be excited! It’s going to be super awesome all kinds of cool!!

If you would like to find out how to make some of the things visitors to the Christmas Pop Up Sewing Emporium did why not check out the Jewel Bird Tutorial, or the Stocking Tutorial? Get a head start on 2014 now!

Watch this space for more Pop Up Sewing Emporium news… don’t forget to sign up for our monthly Newsletter to keep up to date on all Midnight goings on!

Happy stitching.


6 thoughts on “Pop Up Sewing Emporium… success!

    • Yes, it seems to be the things here in Bristol as there are many, many Pop Up Shops for Independent Artists all the time with more around Christmas… I’m definitely going to do more because it was an amazing way to meet people, and have a fantastic time Sewing!! xxx

      • Things like this are just starting to catch on in the States. I am currently part of a team developing a Maker/Hacker space in our small town which is a similar idea but ours has a permanent base of operation. We are making it a woman focused space so we will be creating space for sewing, crafts, cooking, etc. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog to see what works for you guys!

        • Oh good, I Googled the idea to gain some inspiration months ago now and apart from a couple in London could find nothing else! It seems to be uniquely Bristol lol!! So it is nice to hear you are attempting it too!! It’s exciting but I really found I could have done 9 times the amount of advertising, so I’m definitely going to focus on booked, paid up in advance things next time to help manage the finances… also (and I’m not sure this has caught on in your neck of the woods), I’m going to hang it all off of The Great British Sewing Bee which is on TV here in April/May which should help generate new sewers etc. I really do wish you luck, let me know how it goes, it would be awesome to keep in touch/share ideas xx xx xx

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