Errol’s finished quilt!

So, I guess I mentioned my Brother had a baby Boy last month, and I know I have shared pictures of the Patchwork Quilt I was making up for Errol but I finally finished it a couple weeks ago and thought I would share the end result!


9 7 10

 It’s turned out a little Blue-er than I had anticipated. I wanted to put more Green in but the original Fabric choices of dinky town houses, stripes and letters seemed to match Blues and Grey Blues more.

When it came to Quilting I decided to Quilt by hand- I just find it so therapeutic- and the Blue Grey of the Backing really lent itself to using a Hot Orange! Using the Patchwork Pattern as a kicking off point I Quilted in Chevrons which looks brilliant from the back. The above pictures were taken before I ironed it for the final time so it looks a little wrinkled- bad Laura!- but I am so pleased with the end result and it looks really  good tucked in to Errol’s cot.

Happy stitching!


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