Hand Made Gift Baskets

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Just how adorable are these little Gift Baskets? I recently posted a picture from Pinterest and the Laura After Midnight Facebook page has gone wild for them!! As the original picture didn’t have any make up information I thought I’d post this little Tutorial as part of Christmas Month

You will need:

Stiff Card in colour of your choice

Something lovely to tie on as a handle- I used waxed string

A pencil, ruler, scissors, a stapler, a hole punch and some glue

gift basket tutorial   20131125_213417

Draw up your pattern using the above, click on the image to enlarge or print. For those of you using Inches a handy converter can be found here.

Once you have drawn up your pattern cut out from card. Starting with the bottom left hand corner, start to ‘pleat’ the Tabs behind the central Triangle. Do not worry if some of the Tab pokes out of the top, make sure the Tabs are lying flat, and the top is parallel with the bottom, then trim any excess away to make the top neat.

When you are happy, staple in place. Repeat with the other sides. Finally, cut a circle approx 4cm wide from the card, fold in half and glue accross the top to strengthen and hide the staples.

Punch a hole through the middle and thread on your handle!


20131125_213524                  20131125_213535

20131125_213601 20131125_213737

Now, how darling are they?! I am going to make quite a few for display on my market stalls, and for the Christmas Pop Up Sewing Emporium! Think of all the lovely things they could hold… cookies and home made goodies, little makes like my festive Jewel Birds and the Doe Eyed Deer or even a hand made piece of Jewellery… oh I am sure the list is endless!

Don’t forget to share a pic if you make some up.

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Hand Made Gift Baskets

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