Notions: a new Zine on the block!

Today there is no Notions Tutorial because I am releasing my new Zine in the Notions series, quite literally hot off the presses… …

Zips, Zippers and Slide Fasteners:

a Guide to Inserting perfect Zips, every time. 

img3Img2 img5

I am so excited about this one guys! It’s taken the longest because there are soo many hand illustrations by little ol’ me in there, and I have worked hard to ensure that each technique is described in as straight forward a way as possible. This is all down to the fact that beginners, and experienced pro’s alike, seem to have a healthy fear of inserting zips! As they really are a most important feature in Garment Construction I wanted the next Zine I released to be all about Zips and this one is stuffed full of helpful advice.

In it you will discover how to insert a Centered Zip with little or no fuss and a Concealed Zip easily. There are also tips on different types of Zips, quick tips to remember or try when inserting Zips, finishing Zippers with a Facing or Lining, what to do if you have to cut a Zipper down and a little Project at the back to sew up a Cushion Cover with a Zip in it!

Phew eck, that’ll keep anyone quiet!!

This is the fifth Zine in the Notions Series (and I think my favorite cover so far!), with ones on Machine Embroidery and Simple Sewing Projects on the way they are keeping me busy. I am also slowly getting more used to using my Wacom Tablet which is a welcome relief from scanning everything in. I have still included a couple of lovely Vintage Dressmaking illustrations however; most are Laura After Midnight originals which has been a lot to get my head around.

Also available is a Vintage Sewing and Dressmaking Bundle…

Img3 Img2

Zips, Zippers and Slide fasteners is available now in my Etsy shop for just £2.50, as is a the Christmas Bundle for just £8.00!! Bargain, and super useful for yourself or as a present!! Look out for a lot of perfect Sewing related Christmas Presents which will be for sale soon on there too from Kits and Stocking Fillers like the Mini Kits (3 for 2!!), to my New Sewing Tidy’s and Christmas Gift Bags and Stockings. Hurrah for Christmas!!

Happy stitching!


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