New Courses!

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As well as teaching Basic Sewing Skills and Dressmaking Skills (including the Skirt in a Day Course, which is proving popular and great fun!), at Cordial & Grace in Clifton- Bristol’s first Sewing Cafe, with truly some of the best cakes around (my favourite is a Gluten Free Blackberry Cake which somehow has a Mousse in the middle… delicious!), I also have a couple of interesting courses coming up at Flo-Jo Boutique, on the Gloucester Road.

B6582shirt cuffs

The first is a Vintage Party Dress Course, running throughout November and the beginning of December. The above Pattern is provided, we shall be covering re-sizing to fit various body shapes and covering Vintage sewing techniques. How lovely would it be to have this stunning dress for the Party season this year? You can choose to make the ‘wiggle’ or 50s, full skirted option. Simply call Flo-Jo Boutique to reserve a spot, and discuss fabric requirements. The course runs from 7th November for six weeks, 6pm-8.30pm. It costs £125 which includes the Pattern.

The second- and a course I am wildly excited about!- is Sewing For Men!! Now, you don’t strictly have to be a man to book on to this course however; we have so many men asking to learn to sew but (I think) being slightly intimidated by us women en masse so to speak, that we have decided to put in this course. You will make a beautiful, long sleeve Shirt and in doing so learn all the techniques needed such as Buttons and Button Holes, French Seaming, inserting Sleeves, Collars and how to shape and mould them on a Tailors Ham then insert, Sewing a Vent for the Cuff, Flat Fell Seaming and more! Each technique is fairly simple and the pattern is easy to make up so the course will concentrate on maintaining a perfect finish. This would be ideal if you have some previous experience however; beginners would also succeed, and are encouraged. A women’s Shirt Pattern will also be available if you would like to make that, and the course is open to both Men and Women… you could even make a glorious Christmas Present for you deserving other half! The course runs from 7th January for four weeks, 6pm-8.30pm. It costs £80 which includes the Patterns.

In the New Year I shall also be teaching at a new location (fingers crossed!), so you’ll be able to learn to Sew with me in an entirely new City! Exciting!! I shall also be continuing with my Sewing Group and Private Lessons (hopefully in a new space, but more on that later). Please do not hesitate to contact me about these, or any of my courses.

I look forward to seeing you sewing!

Happy stitching!


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