Garment Construction Course


There are a couple places left on my Garment Construction Course starting next Thursday, 6-8.30pm for 4 weeks…

This course is a natural extension of the Pattern Cutting Course that I have been following along with during Pattern Month! If you have been making your own Patterns during Pattern Month, or indeed entirely by yourself this course will teach you how to make them up. This course may also be for you if you have been adapting, changing, re-sizing or indeed scaling up Vintage Patterns and would like some tuition in this.

Making up Patterns you have created yourself can be a tricky pursuit. Often times adjustments are needed, changes to the original Pattern may need to be considered and re-drafting may be needed.

Whilst making a Working Toile of  the Pattern you will be instructed in Seaming and Seam Allowance, inserting Sleeves and Collars and the Patterning needed to make them work, Linings and Facings and how to Pattern these and the many, many options for finishing your design. Tailoring, Fitting and advanced Sewing Techniques will also be covered.

Click here to book or find out more information… you will be joining myself and three other lovely ladies!!

Happy stitching!


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