Found Friday wowzers!

If you’re looking for an alternative to struggling with Concealed Zippers, or perfectly placing Plain Zippers, or even just want something a little fancier for the closure on your newest creation, why not try these…

 Gold Metallic Tape Closed BottomSilver Metallic Tape Closed Bottom

Decorative Lacey Zips, available on The Eternal Maker for just £2.50, Peacock, Paisley and Leopard Print Zips courtesy of L’Orna and Gold or Silver Metallic Tape Zips from Coates.

Will wonders never cease?! I am trying desperately to think of something I can make to use one, especially the Lace and Paisley ones… maybe just a simple top? I very much like Coates’ Gold Metallic Tape Zip… maybe for a bag?

I really think using one of these could revolutionize a Vintage pattern, making something which could read as quite historical into a funky, modern interpretation of Vintage.

Who knew there was such exciting Zippery to be found out there?! I am starting to wonder why I ever concealed Zips at all and I think I need to fling my preconceived notions of Zips being hidden to the wind, don’t I?! These Zippers definitely need to be on display!!

And, what to do with all those Zips you may have struggled with to no avail? Why, make a Rosette!!

Courtesy of The Pom Pom Emporium, this is most certainly what I shall be encouraging others to do with their Zippy failures!

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Found Friday wowzers!

  1. I saw some of those lacy zips at the V&A recently but they were more expensive than that and not in such a pretty choice of colours. So thank you for the link. Love the zipper rosette idea too. I just inherited a bunch of heavy vintage zips which would be great for this use. 🙂

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