Midnight Makes

I have taken a little absence from blogging recently. This was in part due to the fact that I was super busy however; it was also because I have been feeling a little aimless and adrift from my creativity recently. The time off has been incredibly helpful, I have been reading up on information on marketing, and ways of expanding your business. I have also been reading a lot on making targets, strategies and deadlines for your business, whilst measuring what I class as ‘success’, and this has been enormously helpful. It is easy to get waylaid by other peoples successes, and it is important not to let their version of success affect yours.

Taking what I have learned from the past year of Laura After Midnight, and looking towards the next few months, I have managed to form a coherent business plan which centers around Christmas. A lot of what I make under the guise of Laura After Midnight sold extremely well in the last quarter of 2012, and I think this is due to the inherent ‘gifty’ nature of the products. I shall be booking in to as many Christmas markets as I can find in and around Bristol, and indeed I have booked two already!, as well as re-marketing my Etsy store towards this angle too. I am having a  slight re-brand also and just these few simple decisions have infected me with creativity!

I have made several new products already- it feels weird to be making Christmas products in this heat wave- which has proved very informative. Working on these now has allowed me to use them, and have others use them and re-design where necessary. It has also relaxed me towards my sales month-to-month. I have a target in place for sales over the Christmas period, and I am finally working towards something again which feels fantastic!

The first new product is this delicious new Sewing Tidy. I am so super, wonderfully excited about this! Don’t you just love how neatly it packs away, with sweet little buttons. It’s just a little over A5 size, so it will fit all the small paraphernalia needed for a spot of sewing. I just took this camping with me and it was enormously useful. It will come with a Seam Ripper, Tape Measure, Pencil, Pins and Needles to get you all started. Hand made from colourful 100% Cotton, with a gorgeous utilitarian Calico liner, pocket and elasticated loops.

new2 new1

aura After Midnight Sewing Tidy, available soon £8.50. 

As a response to my Etsy sales I have started to develop a range f Teeny Tiny Kits. They will be given away with larger orders, as I felt customers spending over £50 should really be thanked properly!

The first is the Beautiful Covered Buttons Kit, with a Rosette Badge, Mini Bunting and Fabric Flower Brooch to follow soon. I’m going to try to always make these from the excess fabric I have collected over the years- the fabric that has been ‘paid for’. This will mean that they can be created for next to nothing so they can be given away. It also means that when they are for sale they will only be £2.50! Shiny!


Laura After Midnight Teeny Tiny Kit, available soon £2.50. 

And finally, I have put my Up-Cycling hat on! I have hoarded some stunning images over the years torn from the pages of such iconic magazines as Italian Vogue, and I have decided to put them to use! Designing an envelope template I cut them, pasted them with yummy Washi Tape and Voila! Gorgeous, useful and interesting notelet envelopes. I shall use them to give the Teeny Tiny Kits away, care information for my products and as notelet sets. I think they are so cool I hurt looking at them… completely channeling the 90’s too, with the electric blue string to tie them closed!!

new10  new 11

Envelopes and Notelet Sets, available soon from Laura After Midnight. 


Envelope, Note Card, Product information with Discount Codes and Teeny Tiny Kit with Address Label… this delightful little package will be enclosed in all orders over £50 however this is how all Teeny Tiny Kits will be packaged.

I am working away- after midnight in true form because it so much cooler then!- and will share more soon.

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Midnight Makes

  1. Brilliant Laura! I know exactly what you mean about being waylaid by other people’s success; it is SO important to stick to your path! Keep going, you are wondrous. X

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