Cutting it fine…

Well, another happy Friday has been spent in creating another lovely little Zine.

This one is all about the Vintage Sewing books I love, admire- and still use!- and think every Seamstress, or Seamster should acquire. It is also the last step in being able to sell my first Zine Understanding Vintage and Modern Patterns as it completes a little pack! I’m so excited!!

Pic 6Final packaging for Understanding Vintage and Modern Patterns, with free HB Pencil and copy of Books We Like. 

I am so pleased with the way it has all come together. I chose Dove Grey for the front cover and I like the subtle contrast between that and the White of the interior, and black of the Washi Tape seal. Books We Like is my 2nd week Zine- so proud I am keeping this up!!- and although I shall be selling it separately I’ll also be including it in all of my current and future Zines because I think these Vintage Sewing Books are just great. I have hand illustrated the covers of the favorites from my Sewing Book library, and given a little review. Most handy if you would like to pick up some Retro pieces of sewing history but don’ know where to start!

Pic 4 Pic 3

Pic 4 Pic 3 Pic 1

Head on over to my Etsy store now to pick up your copy- only £3.25 with P&P. they will also both be available as a PDF soon…

Happy stitching!


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