X-Rays’ of Women in Corsets

From Retronaut, 1908 X-Ray images of Women wearing Corsets.

X-Rays-of-Women-in-Corsets-1-620x810 X-Rays-of-Women-in-Corsets-2-620x805


Despite being glorious, Retronaut give no further information however; upon further investigation these images- along with many more- are from From Doctor Ludovic O’Followell’s Le Corset written in 1908. Despite popular belief, & as evidenced here, they didn’t do quite the damage many think, specifically relating to the movement of internal organs.

Further images from Le Corset include the following, most of which modern medicine has dispelled!


Medical repercussions depend on the age of the corset wearer, the length of time the corset is worn and how tight the corset is on the body.

From The Whaleboned Body.

Le Corset is entirely in French, which may account for my inability to find any information about these pictures in English however; I think they’re beautiful images & wanted to share! As ever click them to be taken to the original source.

Happy stitching!


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