I have just been nominated for a Leibster Award! This is totally cool & exciting because it means I have just discovered 11 new blogs… one of which is Daughter Fish, who pod casts! About sewing! Yayy!!

Daughter Fish

I have been on & off searching for a sewing pod cast for some time now as Fella listens to a tonne all about film making, commentaries & writing which really informs his development as a film maker & I have been secretly green with envy! No more!! So far (& bear in mind I only discovered Daughter Fish a couple hours ago!), I have been delving in to their Thread Cult strand which are interviews with others in the sewing world.

The first is with Jamie Lau with Burda Style & contained some fantastic information, & encouragement for starting out in this industry. Jamie started out in the Vintage Market world & is now manufacturing small runs of dresses as well as working closely with Burda Style on many projects. It’s so interesting, only 30 minutes long & well worth a listen.

The second in the Thread Cult strand was about Natural Dyes and Dying which I have long been a fan & practitioner of- Onion skins really do work!- & the woman interviewed knew so much the conversation was fascinating. I am now fully considering the possibility of growing an Indigo Plant on the windowsill for future fun! Currently Fella & I are listening to the third in the series which is based out of Mood Fabrics in New York, and has Daughter Fish chatting with Oonaballoona (who is hilarious- visit her blog too!) about stitching garments for loved ones. Always tricky!

They’re fun, interesting & most importantly about sewing!

Happy stitching!


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