This is the dedication in my newest Vintage Sewing book purchase & I have just added it to my Welcome page because I think it is a lovely sentiment…

This […] is dedicated to women & girls-

   & especially to teachers of sewing everywhere-

who enjoy the feel of fabric, the beauty of textures,

   the precision of stitches, the smoothness of seams,

& who delight always in appropriate fabrics

   carefully cut & made up for a happy purpose.

From Singer Sewing Book, Mary Brooks Picken 1949

I have received a small library through the post over the last few days (much to the detriment of my bank balance of course!), including the Singer Sewing Book by Mary Brooks Picken, McCall’s Complete Book of Dressmaking (which pre-dates the one I already have  & is already proving to be very interesting), & Underwear & Lingerie Parts 1 & 2 which is an American Women’s Institute publication & very highly thought of. I am sure I shall be sharing ideas, pictures & techniques from these books over the coming weeks, but I just had to share this dedication I found with you now!

I am planning further book reviews, & helpful guides to buying Vintage Sewing books because they are so very much better than the majority of books on the subject published today. For example I have found out six different ways of Shirring this morning, & some handy tips for Scalloped Hems, all beautifully illustrated- which I find much easier to follow that confused colour photos- & written in the snooty instructional style I have come to love from these old gems!

Please share your Vintage Sewing book loves with me, I am always on the hunt for more & would love to hear about the ones you use regularly…

Happy stitching!


3 thoughts on “Dedication…

    • Oh this is so strange, I wonder how long Felicity has been there- I used to live in Enfield!! I shall thoroughly look through her website, I have just had a small library delivered so I’ll have to lock my cash away beforehand lol!!
      Thank you for the nomination! It’s still a little bit of a surprise people read my ramblings :-), do I have to do anything immediately? xxx

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