The Great British Sewing ME?

vintage tv 2

Calling all followers!

Fella has, for a while now, been wanting to make a small Web Series with me teaching Sewing Techniques on film… we have a small Production Company so it’s entirely possible & this could be a fun way to reach more people however; I have a slight problem: I hate being on camera!

Despite my mild phobia, I have been pondering the possibility for a while now & have come to the conclusion that I rather like it. I could do a voice over instead of presenting directly to the camera & it would be a great opportunity to teach some techniques which do not translate easily into pictures & words.

What do you think, & more importantly what would you like to see? What should I call it? Are you more interested in being shown unusual Couture techniques? Or following along with a longer project? Answers below please!

Happy stitching!


6 thoughts on “The Great British Sewing ME?

    • Hmmm… is this something from the TV? You know my parental were odd and I grew up without one lol!! I shall remember the no-head shots as I quite like the idea… a little like the voice of god teaching you to sew hahaha!!

  1. I think a mixture of fancy techniques and what is supposed to be simple as these can still be a challenge and its about knowing the knack, which someone showing you would utterly demystify. For example I have recently done some under stitching and sewing on bias binding – basic but none the less fiddly because I have never seen anyone doing them…. does this make sense?

    • Absolutely! In talking to my classes the most asked for thing was Zips and Button Holes. I think for the same reason: seeing is easier than reading! I have been thinking about throwing some Couture Techniques in there too, just because even if theyu’re advanced they’re interesting!! Thanks for your input!! xxx

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