This is not really Rehab…

I have just discovered Fabric Rehab, & it promises to make my addiction worse!

fabric rehab 2 fabric rehab 5 fabric rehab 12

fabric rehab 11 fabric rehab 10 fabric rehab 9

I particularly like their range of Geometric shapes & Chevrons, which are available in a lovely fresh range of single or two-tone colours. They also stock a very large range of Polka Dot fabrics, with White, Cream or Coloured dots on coloured backgrounds. I hadn’t seen many of their colours before- like this gorgeous yellow- & as Polka is something I use for the linings on my Fascinator Kits I am sure I shall be purchasing some soon!

The Birdcage, Vintage Ticket & Keep Calm… printed fabrics just caught my eye! I love them, the Tickets especially! Now I just need to find an excuse to use all of them!

Fabric Rehab’s selection is huge, you are able to search by colour, range or collection which I found really useful, & they have managed to collect together prints from all of the regular designers (Alexander Henry is present for example), but they are more unusual than I am used to seeing which is a breath of fresh air. They also sell Kits, Patterns & have a dedicated section for fabrics under £10p/m called Thrifty Bits! Most useful indeed!

Happy stitching!


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