A sewing pouch to rival Mary Poppins’ bag!

So, how do you fit all this…


Into something manageable to carry around with you to fittings, back stage or on a film set?



This is actually something I teach on my Introduction to Sewing workshop, with Flo-Jo Boutique. I stumbled across various tutorials for Sewing Pouches, or Wallets via Pinterest  (follow me there too, it’s a mine of information!), when looking for inspiration for a small project to do with Adults. My normal army of small projects is firmly aimed at a younger audience however; I felt it important to make something even though the Ladies (& Gents!) booked on the workshop are only with me for 3-hours. I believe it helps them remember the various techniques covered in the class, & there’s something lovely about learning how to use a sewing machine for the first time & still being able to take something away with you.

My first class looked at me in horror as I explained that after a mere two hours being taught the finer points of the sewing machine for the first time in their lives, fortified only with tea, they would be making something which included a Patch Pocket, Seaming & a dollop of their imaginations… They lived to tell the tale, & all thoroughly enjoyed it too! I have two more coming up in quick succession so I shall remember to photograph their creations this time!

On a much, much funnier note, I held my first exam this week!

My Teen Sewers’ have become shockingly lazy over the last weeks & I noticed a worrying trend of simply moving to the machine which was still threaded up & working when the one they had been using went wrong, the devils! So, armed with a stack of Haribo shaped bribes I made each & every one of them load & insert a bobbin, thread a machine, sew a 1cm seam & zig-zag neaten the edge of the seam! I felt so mean, but it flagged up a few who had missed out on a couple of the finer points & has already improved their stitching so I feel slightly vindicated & I am sure I shall be dreaming up another pop quiz soon!! Suggestions on a postcard…

Happy stitching!


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