A little Birthday Garland!

Look what I’ve been up to this evening!

bunting 1 bunting 2 bunting 3

I needed to stitch up a sweet, pretty and small gift for my Nanny, whose Birthday it is on Sunday. I try to give little handmade gifts these days as it seems we all have everything we need, & I do so hate to give gifts which will just clutter up a place!

I’ve seen this idea done a couple times, but as always I decided to put my little slant on it & have layered up colourful polkas & florals’ with hand stamped calico letters spelling out ‘Happy Birthday!’.

I think it is a cheerful & re-usable gift which will fit happily in her card before I send it on it’s way. What do you think?

bunting 1

Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “A little Birthday Garland!

  1. We seem to live in a parallel universe Laura, I have recently found a strip of vintage curtaining in a peach brocade which I have earmarked for bunting for my wedding. What size are your triangles? I have been pondering whether to write a message across mine and would be interested to know how you have done the lettering. xx

    • They’re tiny, I built it about the size of my stamps which are about 2cm square, so the triangles are at most 8cm long and I think were 3cm or 4cm wide. I’ve sent it so I can’t measure it!! The peach brocade sound glorious, and I love small bunting- I call it indoor bunting! It just looks so decadent and beautiful to me 🙂 xxx

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