craftty 1 crafty 2

I shall be heading off to my local Newsagent this afternoon to see if I can pick up a copy of Crafty Magazine, the new Sewing, Craft & lovely things magazine!

I thought I would share the digital on-line sampler with you all, I love the look of the embroidered calico covered buttons. If you haven’t tried something like this before, it’s addictive! I also think their free gift- calico- is inspired! They cover several different ways to use the fabric, including embroidery & the aforementioned buttons, which is so much more interesting to a true crafter than a pre-made project with rules & only one outcome! It is a sure fire way to get people talking about what they have made, & how they have been inspired to create with this simple & plainly beautiful fabric.

Take a peek for yourselves, the thing I am most interested in how it is received & developed is the slant towards male crafters & sewers… Their blog is also fit to burst with loveliness.

Happy stitching!


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