Sewing Bee to return!

bee 1

For those of you who have been enjoying The Great British Sewing Bee, good news! It is set to return in the New Year!

I secretly knew this a about a week ago however; I have had to wait until it was officially announced to shout ‘yay’! For all the problems I have had with it, I am enjoying the surge of passion for sewing it has created among old & new sewers alike.

From The Sewing Directory:

Amazing news, The Great British Sewing Bee is coming back for a second series!   Do you fancy seeing yourself on TV?  Could you whip up garments under pressure?  Then why not apply for series 2 of the hit show?

Love Productions, the company behind The Great British Sewing Bee are seeking applicants for the next. They will be filming at the end of this year so hopefully the next series will be back on air around the same time of year as this one was, Easter.

Want to apply? Click here to find out all of the details! And don’t forget to watch it tonight, BBC 8pm BST… or on BBC iPlayer if you are working like me!

Please also take a look at The Sewing Directory, they have resources & links for many of the projects tackled on The Bee, among many other useful & insightful snippets of information.

Happy stitching!


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