Notions: Make a Hem on a Chiffon Garment.

hand sew 1


To make a hem on a chiffon garment:

  1. Sew a straight stitch about 0.5cm or 1/4″ to 1.5cm or 3/8″ away from the cut edge.
  2. Iron the hem up at the stitched line.  The stitched line will help the iron naturally turn the fabric.
  3. Stitch the turned area down with a straight stitch, just above the previous stitching.  Now you have 2 rows of stitching right next to each other.
  4. Trim off the excess fabric if any.
  5. Repeat Step 2.  Now you have rolled the hem.
  6. Stitch it down with another straight stitch seam.

Happy stitching!

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