Bath Artisan Market

Tomorrow I shall be at the biggest market I have shown at to date! Somewhat disappointingly I have been unable to finish my capsule collection of dresses for it as I had hoped however; this is because I displayed some restraint & decided to make them immaculately rather than rush as I normally would… so in the end it’s good news as I shall soon be able to look forward to photographing my first model shoot outside of Film or Theater work! Yay!! Of course I have to find my model first, which is proving surprisingly difficult, but interesting.

In the mean time I have the following to show you. The very beautiful flier for The Bath Artisan market:


They have just released the line up of bands and they sound great! I shall definitely be letting you all know how this goes!!

Secondly this:

hat 3

How crazy awesome is this hat?! It has been residing on the mantel piece in my living room, & every time I am bored I have been adding more & more detailing to it! It will be debuting tomorrow, & I shall list it on Etsy if it isn’t snapped up by some lucky lady. I have been getting a lot of commission orders for bespoke Mini Top Hats- which start at £45.00, & ship in 7-10 days so get your order in for the Summer wedding season!!


fas 1

New packaging for my Fascinator Kits! Isn’t it adorable? They look like delightful little chocolates, all ready to be snapped up. They too are debuting tomorrow & I can’t wait to see the reaction they get.

It’s all happenin’ here at Midnight Heights, wish me luck!

Happy stitching!


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