Ooh La La!

I have just discovered the most amazing Blog on Vintage Lingerie sewing… this is from Mrs Depew (the same Lady I bought the 50s Pin Up Bra from yesterday)… & I am hooked!!!

A Few Threads Loose

Mrs Depew emailed me a link along with the PDF Patterns because there is a concise & incredibly informative tutorial for the Pin Up Bra that she has posted.

Obviously many things about this process are going to match up with my knowledge about Corsetry and Costuming however; it is always incredibly helpful to see a pattern made up as it stops a seamstress from making as many demoralizing mistakes as she may have done… which basically means it keeps your pep up & you remain enthusiastic enough to finish.

As I have said I am hoping to start offering courses in Vintage Lingerie construction & so all information is helpful!!

Take a look at A Few Threads Loose, its a really beautiful Blog. Try not to be too jealous (as I was) with all of her wonderful Vintage supplies though!

Another lovely Blog I have also stumble upon, with thanks to Mrs Depew, is Ohhh Lulu. Stuffed brim full of gorgeous Vintage inspired Lingerie it is heaven!

Happy stitching!


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