Some news about future Tutorials…

McCALLS How a Pattern is Created

I have quite the collection of Vintage, & probably antique by this point!, sewing books & I have decided to share some of their wonderful techniques, illustrations & thoughts with my readers in the form of tutorials.

The above is a brilliant example of the sort of things these book have to offer. It is a page from the 1960’s McCall’s Sewing in Colour book & quite clearly illustrates the path a pattern will take from conception to  finished product, & isn’t something you would really find in a new sewing book. Because of the age of these books, a lot of the techniques illustrated are extremely professional Hand & Machine techniques, often straying into the realm of Couture techniques I have seen on dresses from Dior to Vivienne Westwood They are a beautiful reminder of what can be accomplished by the home sewer as they can really elevate your construction from Homemade to Hand Made- a distinction it is important to make!

Each & every one of my collection has some very unique points & none of them cost more than two or three pounds… which is a lovely reason to start your own collection!

I shall be trying to post every Thursday however; inspiration may strike at other times too! I have already covered Pleats  & How to Sew on a Button so I shall continue to post Beginners Sewing techniques as I am continuing to teach many, many new sewers.

It’s quite exciting isn’t it?!

Happy stitching!


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