Smash is BACK!!

I have been working far, far too hard this week! The next week is also super busy for me which is exciting, & I couldn’t be happier! Recently life has been very stressful, which I am not a fan of!, so it is nice to be able to immerse myself in courses, making dresses & other sewing pleasantries.

In my down time I have been watching the new House of Cards with a brilliantly evil Kevin Spacey, & catching up on the wonderful new series Nashville on abc, which I am completely in love with because the music is just heavenly! Old school style country twang & slide guitar mixed in with some more ‘now’ tunes along with regular peeks inside of the good ol’ Bluebird cafe & I am in heaven! One day, one heavenly day, I shall visit The Bluebird and I am almost certain it will be as magical as I think it will be! I have also been excited to find that Smash is back which somehow manages to capture the glitz & bitchiness of back stage life superbly.


Midnight Heights doesn’t have a TV so I trawl the internet for watchable trash & I just adore having something like this to look forward to a couple nights a week. I have been accounterizing & doing dull numbery things whilst watching however; my fingers have been itching for some small craft project, or hand sewing to be getting along with &, as they often do, Vivid please! have come to the rescue…


How many, many of you out there have a collection of Vintage buttons? I know I do, & I am loath to use them for some reason. I hoard them in Vintage Kilner Jars & occasionally sprinkle them out on my work table & ponder their delights only to pack them carefully away again. I think this lovely little craft project is ideal, & I can’t wait to bustle off to my local bead shop and start purchasing findings.

Happy stitching!


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