Clever little tykes!

I teach a lot of people how to sew… apparently I am pretty good at it. I have received many compliments with particular regard to my patience. This may seem a slightly pompous statement however; as a child I was furiously impatient & my family have many, many stories to prove this so I think I am just being suitably respectful of my new found calm!

Recently I have been remembering to take photographs of the Birthday Parties I’ve run with Cordial & Grace & thought I’d share a few. Along with the runaway success of my Dressmaking and Beginners Dressmaking Courses with Flo-Jo Boutique, I have become quite hoarse recently!! They can choose to make anything from simple Head Bands and Fabric Flowers, or Mini Tote Bags or for the slightly older even Pajamas, & they are quite the success story.

Click here to see Course availability & please do not hesitate to contact me about Children’s Birthday Parties, Hen Parties or Private Lessons…

pillow party 3 pillow party 2 pillow party 1

bag party 1 pj party

How pleased do they all look?!

Happy stitching!


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