Treasury Tuesday

For my first ‘Treasury Tuesday’ I’d like to share some of the Etsy Treasuries I have been included in over the last few months. In all the hustle & bustle of the last few months of 2012 it escaped my attention but I now see I have been included in over 20! It is quite an honor for someone whom you have never met to stand up and say, quite publicly, ‘I like this’!

If you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with Etsy, or their wonderful Treasuries, hop on over and have a riffle through!! It is a wonderful way to shop for lovely things…

First up a selection of choices from ‘Hats’ by Su Zi. I love the Ladies Bowler by House of Night! This Treasury features my Gold Silk Mini Top Hat…

Terrific 'Tilley' Ladies Bowler Hat  Victorian riding hat bustle and veil Goth  Vintage 1960s High Crown Black Straw Hat  

Womens Hat Vintage Style Edwardian Hat with Feathers Titanic Style Hats  Black and Gold Downton Abbey Hat  Gold and Black Silk Mini Top Hat  SALE  Vintage ladies women's hat, wool felt Borsalino, Nordstrom Best, chic steampunk made in Italy.

Secondly a selection from ‘Over The River & In The Woods’, a wildly romantic Treasury featuring my gorgeous Antique Victorian Silk Corset from Boulder Canyon Paper Co.

Forest Specimens No. 1 Miniature Antique wood curio box diorama. Tiny Bottles of Wolf Fur, Hemlock Pine cones, lavender buds, Fox clawsCream Antique Victorian Silk Scarf CorsetGlass Vial Necklace - Fairy Tale Inspired - Snow White's Black of NightThe Story of Alice in Wonderland Bracelet. Gift for her under 30 usd

And finally, my Spats have been selling out again & again! Over half the Treasuries I am lucky enough to be featured in include a pair of Laura After Midnight Spats!! This wonderful selection is from Anika of Dragonfly On The Moon. I’m in good company aren’t I?

Map Cufflinks, Personalized Cuff Links Using Vintage and Modern Maps for Weddings / Groom / Groomsmen / Special Occasions, Custom Cufflinks   Silver Steampunk Capsule Necklace with Watch Parts   Raven Man's top hat mad hatter

Black Spats   Gothic Cross Charm Bracelet - CROSSED OVER - VERY Limited Edition - Last One   Awesome Huge Raven Crow Black Bird Steam Punk Iron ON Patch 100% embroidery

What strikes me about the inclusion of my pieces, is the diversity of their appeal! Obviously I am taking inspiration from the Victorian/Edwardian era but they have appeal for far wider audiences than that.

I would hasten to encourage anyone who has an Etsy shop to really look at the Treasuries they have been included in as it has certainly informed my design process.

Happy stitching!

p.s. Click on any of the pictures above to be taken to the original Treasury.


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