Oh, Sajou!

I have just discovered Sajou! I may never return from this. . . it is quite literally my form of heaven!

These are a must have:

card-atelier-ribboncard-fait-main-ribbon (1)card-fait-main-ribbon

I have every intention of starting to expand the Laura After Midnight clothing line in the new year & I simply adore these labels! the first is Workroom in French, the second Hand Made! The lovely picture in between shows the glorious packaging that they come in. They use a lot of original style packaging to get this wonderful look. The below are Ribbon Boxes, storage boxes ‘in the style of those that filled the haberdashers and country stores in days gone by‘. They are apparently easy to stack & hold up to 30 Ribbon Cards. My wonderful stash of Ribbons & Trims is somehow starting to look very shabby next to these! Maybe if I am really good, & sort my studio out as I am supposed to over the next couple of days, I will treat myself to a few.

vintage-style-ribbon-box-ny2vintage-style-ribbon-box-ny2 (2)vintage-style-ribbon-box-ny2 (1)vintage-style-ribbon-box-ny1

From Cotton Thread. . .

large-reel-arles-model (1)large-reel-arles-model (2)large-reel-arles-model

To Needle cards. . .

selection-ab-needles-roscoff-modelselection-40-needles-benodet-model (2)selection-40-needles-benodet-model (1)selection-40-needles-crozon-model

And every other imagined sewing wonderment including Scissors & Ribbon Cards (for my now longed for Ribbon Boxed- ecstasy!). . . even their Paper Clips are glorious!


Everything is given the Sajou treatment, & everything is beautiful! If only I had discovered them in time to put it all on my Christmas list!

Happy stitching!


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