Full of stunning photographs full of beauty & inspiration, portraits of a bygone era fill me with lust! Possibly it is something to do with the beauty of the light- so hard to replicate now- or the languid artful poses we no longer see, it has surprisingly little to do with the fashion.
I am always interested to note how ill-fitting some of the clothes seem to be. Nothing like the fashion plates of the time in all but the rarest of cases, in the extreme sack-like, and almost unflattering.
I share the above because it flickered alight the flame of inspiration inside of me again. I have been attending to the mechanics of running a business recently & have been unable to write, design & create as much as I would have liked & these wonderful 20’s Ladies (& the accompanying post), with such lovely fabrics, hats & decorations have quite saved me! I do hope you find as much inspiration & happiness amongst them too as I did…
Happy stitching!



A single term full of significant depth and dazzling quality. A single term full of passionate desires and tormenting heart-breaks. A single term full of setbacks and progressions, silences and movements. A single term full of terrorizing thoughts and praise-worthy words of wisdom. History– a single term that shapes the world in which we live in today.

Through the trials of time, hardships and mistakes; through the joys of life, glories and praises, history has had an important influence. It has altered the beliefs and actions of human-beings, as well as the choices one makes in their lifetime. History is a whirlwind of ever-changing emotions and thoughts, full of both gaiety and sorrow. History is an admirable beauty, encompassing the bright and dark worlds of the past. When studying history, one cannot help but remember the occurrences of the past, the moments that made the world the place it is…

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