Make your own…


Two pages from my up-coming Mini Top Hat Kit…

I have been hard at work over the last few weeks designing and illustrating the first in a series of Kits to be available for sale soon. The one above takes you through every step of properly constructing a Mini Top Hat using Millinery techniques I have both been taught and picked up over many years of Costume Making. I shall also be releasing one for a Mini Tricorn and other designs if this sells well. . . maybe even for clothing like Spats!

Packaged as a gift idea, the Kit will come with an A5 booklet of instructions also filled with illustrations, hints, tips and ideas along with all fabric needed to construct the hat, pins, needle & thread and some embellishment pieces like ribbons, buttons and feathers.

Because it is a gift there will be an option to request a word or phrase of your choice be embroidered on the lining, and you will of course be able to choose from a range of colours and fabrics!

It has been a wonderful but extremely labor intensive project, but I am so very happy with the results and can’t wait to see the finished thing… just a few adjustments to the booklet and I’ll be away!! I’m going to run a competition to win a few, so watch this space!!

Happy stitching!

The Mini Top Hat Kit will be available soon through my Etsy online store. Please click here to visit now to see other items, and Mini Top Hats.


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