Developing a ‘Brand’…

I am unsure of whether Laura After Midnight can be classed as a brand yet however; I am aware of the fact that I need to keep things like packaging cohesive so as to present a great looking product to customers & to reduce costs when sending  items… I would simply adore to package pieces with Vintage ribbons, a Vintage postcard label & boxed beautifully but of course I have to simplify this because I am in the early stages of making a business viable.

So, early on I decided to keep my packaging simple, whilst harking back to how they did things back in the day: brown paper & string! Of course this idea has evolved because I happen to adore brown paper with black & I currently use these two colours when packaging hats & garments for shipping.


You may remember in a post a few weeks ago I was thrilled to receive some Vintage patterns from a student. When sifting through the collection I noticed a few were damaged, or had missing bits so I decided to recycle & reuse & put them in the packaging pile as the aged tissue had turned a beautiful shade of brown. I find I much prefer this look to the other!

Combining the look with silver star stickers- wrapping with string was impossible around a Mini Top Hat- as most of the products I am selling are made in the darkest depths of the night remember, I think I am finally developing a ‘branded look’ I am happy with.


In both instances I have tried the reverse colour way, & whilst I love the predominantly black colour way I think the pattern paper on the outside is fun, quirky & more interesting to look at.

What will I do when the patterns run out. . . ?!

Happy stitching!


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