Stunning Red Silk Corset

Made a few years ago from whatever flight of fancy I was on at the time, this gorgeous piece has been languishing in my studio for far too long now! I finally have gotten around to binding & edging the top & bottom, which took a while as I simply could not decide what I wanted to do. I think the contrasting Victorian style Lace sets the embroidery off rather beautifully.



It is such a difficult colour to capture, & because of the bead work- which includes Swarovski Jet beads- the Corset shimmers & dances in the light. As ever I shall be wrapping this piece carefully in Acid Free Tissue Paper & slipping it in to its matching protective storage bag before shipping. This piece also comes with a matching Lavender stuffed heart so the Corset will always smell sweet!

I adapted a late Victorian corset pattern for the style, but smoothed the severity of the lines slightly because there is no front opening busk. The shape of the front is deceptively flattering, & I am very pleased at the swoop up under the arm & across the bust. Because this fits neatly across the hip- it’s not as extended as Victorian Corsets can sometimes be- it would be gorgeous over a bustle skirt, as a wondrous Ball Gown or stunning Wedding Dress to really remember.

I have just listed it on Etsy, & hope it goes to a happy home.

Happy stitching!


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