Victorian Ball Gown Commission.

I have recently been in discussion with a lovely lady about designing & making a Victorian inspired Ball Gown. What a treat!

Amidst a plethora of images and some great inspiration these are the pictures which have really caught my attention.


I adore the lace embellishment on the first, & as my client very much likes the Vintage look, I think this is really apt. The second has a great middle section, I love the way the corset, or top, fits over the skirt. I think the over skirt looks quite mean, which leads nicely in to the Simplicity pattern, as I think the shorter bustle skirt would look beautiful over a simple under skirt. The image of Helena Bonham Carter is the best I could fine, & I really want to juxtapose this top with the first & make it in corset form. I adore the jet beading, and snippets of lace peeking from the top and bottom.

Some more images of the Helena Bonham Carter costume, from Sweeny Todd.

Having said that, I need to make the whole idea a little sinpler as budgetry restraints apply- which just makes things more exciting because I have to be very clever in my use of fabric & decoration, & use my imagination quite a lot!

I am going to suggest we overlay net on the fabric of the corset, then sew on floral guipure Lace Applique Motifs, & some beading with Jet effect beads.

At the top and bottom of the corset I’d like to have pleated net & diamond shaped lace peeking out.

At the front I want to have strings of Jet effect beads & a Vintage Brooch, exactly like the Helena Bonham Carter costume.

We have also discussed the possibility of small ‘cap’ sleeves around the top of the arms which I think would look lovely from pleated & matching net, with Jet effect beading & Lace Applique Motifs to finish. I think I may have some wonderful Jet effect beaded fringing squirreled away somewhere for just this sort of occasion which may look nice at the bottom edge of the sleeve.

So, with all of this put together, this is my final design! What do you think?
Colour has yet to be decided (which is why it is balck & white for the moment) however; I am loving the idea of purple or lilac with black details. The bustle skirt pulls up at the back, & has a small bustle pad underneath which makes it a wonderfully cost effective option.This also means my client will receive three seperate pieces which can be used separately or together for future events.
I am sure elements will be changed & adapted however; I thought you all would enjoy seeing how I pull a costume/dress together.
Happy stitching!

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