Shiney New Things!

I have finally gotten around to photographing all the wonderful new things I’ve made for my Etsy shop, & I’ve been extra good and listed them all too! I’m so glad I did as within minutes I had sold one, and in 24 hours another!!

Here is a selection…

Mini Victorian Witches Hat


Firstly, my wonderful new Mini Witches Hat! I am just so in love with this design, I’ve channeled a whole bunch of images I grew up with from 50s Pin Up Girls to really rather odd Vintage & Victorian style Halloween photographs! It’s very jaunty to wear as well, and priced at £17.35… you’ll have to visit my shop to find out why!!
I’ve also been designing a range of more Wedding inspired Mini Top Hats, & have really enjoyed the process. Now, you may have noticed that I have a penchant for Black, so the Pale Pink Taffeta was hard for me, but once I teamed it with the cream Vintage Lace and Pearls I think it looks like a dream. I also love the detail that looks like Butterflies on the new White Silk Mini Top Hat. It’s actually flowers cut from a Vintage- probably Edwardian- Corset  Topper. I found the piece some years ago, & one end had sadly succumbed to time however; the flowers look just lovely used like this!


The Spats are a new line for me, & I really hope soon to be offering them in a more unusual fabric. Time is a fickle mistress, & I fear it may be some weeks before I get around to creating them but the designs are dancing around my head already! As it is these are a great basic, & with the graceful curves they look really beautiful on. The top has been designed to fold over in a multitude of ways for different looks & I am offering them in a large- to fit over boots- and a regular fit.

There’s still a whole host of brooches to be photographed as well, I’ve had quite the creative spurt!

Happy stitching!


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