Midnight blooming!

I’ve been making these all day with some girls who were booked on to one of my courses, & I just love them! You have to make a couple to really get the technique down however; once you have they look just beautiful as brooches, rings, as a garland or sewn to a stick & ‘planted’… perfect for the summer, I’ve made mine in cream silk but they look best in all sorts of colours so they’re really great for your scraps.

First, cut out 5 circles. It really doesn’t matter how large but interestingly the final flower will end up being the same size as the circle you cut.


Fold the first circle in to a half circle, then a quarter circle, & press flat with you fingers.


Secure your thread at the start of the curve as shown, you will need to secure firmly as this needs to stay strong whilst we gather the flower up. I suggest tying a knot in your thread, then taking a few stitches in the same spot. Once you are happy with this- & you think it’ll stay- running stitch along the curve as pictured. Your stitches need to be about 1cm in length, but no shorter. When you reach the end of the first, fold the second circle in to a quarter & carry on stitching, just thread the second circle right on. Continue until all 5 are sewn together.

When you have reached the end of the 5th, pull the stitches tight- or gather- all the quarter circles/petals together.


When you have gathered the petal, thread your needle back through the first petal close to where you began stitching. Pull tight again & end off securely (take a stitch, pull thread until there is a little loop & thread your needle through the loop. Pull tight. Do this twice. ).

You have made your first flower! You’ll probably need to arrange the petals, but all that is left to do is decorate the middle! Let your imagination run wild…


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Happy stitching!


4 thoughts on “Midnight blooming!

  1. Really cute. Was looking for a little project to share with my daughter’s friends next weekend and this is defo a winner. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • It is an excellent project for girls, expecially if you have a couple brooch backs, or rings to stick them to! Personally my fave thing to do is glue the centre to a skewer, then cover both middles with felt glued on and ‘plant’ them in a vase. They look brilliant!! Thank you so much for commenting xxx

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