Hook or by crook!

It is interesting, or I find it interesting, that in starting my own business, & in having to keep it afloat I have not only fulfilled a lifelong ambition but I have become- at points- incredibly disillusioned in the process.

It is not because it is hard- which it is!- it is because there is never enough of anything… in the last week I have battled against a lack of time, a lack of money, a lack of supplies & (more dauntingly) a lack of equipment. We are constantly asking ourselves to diversify, & think differently so we can still create I think, I think , I might be starting to enjoy it!

This sudden revelation comes after a weekend where I have finally sold my first listing on Etsy, & it was the very first thing I made and listed! From the back of that I have had another commission & a lot of enthusiasm for some future ideas for products to sell, such as my Mini Top Hat and Mini Tricorn Hat kits.

I have found that, just as I am feeling the disillusion creeping in to my every day, something wonderful happens which makes you look forward and brightens your day just that little bit. In my world this can be as small as finding  some buttons & trims you forgot you had, & now can’t wait to use, or re-discovering a technique as I have in my new mini range of lace appliqued hats. I am also trying to make sure I talk to other artists & creators, or support them in some little way, every day as I am a firm believer in Karma!

So, with scared yet glorious little steps I think I am going to make it. Things to look forward to? Booking my first Craft stall, which I am hoping to do nearer to Christmas. My second, tenth & 100th sales, of course! And the infinite new ways I am discovering to be creative.

Happy stitching!


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