Steampunk Pirates?

I am very much hoping many of you will have seen the new Aardman stop-motion flick The Pirates: In An Adventure with Scientists? No? Well, maybe this will change your mind…

Based on the book of the same name by Gideon Defoe (which I so very much hope is NOT a made up name!), this rollicking good yarn is a perfect match for the humor of Aardman. Of course I understand that not all of the book could have been adapted, & there are many changes however; I think they have made excellent compromises & the film really stands on its own.

Why am I waxing lyrical about this you wonder? Well, a few weeks ago on a Midnight perambulation of this fair city’s waterfront, Fella & I happened upon the Aardman Studios. Not long being residents of Bristol we exclaimed in joy (I ‘squee-ed’ & jumped up & down), & ran to look closer. We were surely in for a treat, for there in the dimly lit foyer was THE Pirates Ship! Right there!!

Hastily snapping hopelessly blurry & infuriatingly murky photos we scampered away giggling, happy that we had seen this wonder.

So it was with shock that, whilst on a Steam Train ride along the Waterfront on Easter Sunday, after a sickeningly delightful visit to the Chocolate Festival we espied the very same ship on display in the window of MShed, a Museum here in Bristol.

And here, Ladies and Gents, for your viewing pleasure…


Isn’t she the most glorious beast? I think the final three really capture the fact that this is simply a fantastic work of art. See the film, and visit the ship if you can, you’ll not be disappointed with either!

Happy stitching!


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