Labeling Midnight.

With the few short hours after work  & before bedtime I have been making care labels for my Mini Top Hats, & other products.  I feel that it is important to make the customer aware that you will be looking after their new purchase beyond the checkout, & wanted to give a few hints and caring for silk, as well as contact details if they have any issues.

That said I also want to give them something beautiful to look at, yet keep to my branding ideas. So I have come up with a modern twist on Victorian & turn of the century billboards, with a funky way of attaching their free Hat Pin! I really think it emphasizes the direction I want to take with Laura After Midnight- a tailored, modern shake down of the Victorian &  Steampunk style, with original Midnight touches!

I am very pleased with the result, the only change may be to print on to manila style paper however; I feel this really captures the Midnight spirit.


Let me know what you think, happy stitching!


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