Laura After Midnight on Etsy!


I am continuing to upload over the next week or so however; you can now purchase yourself a genuine one off Laura After Midnight Top Hat if you so wish!

Entirely made by hand these silk Mini Top Hats are made with all sorts of yummy Vintage finds I have been hoarding for the right project over the years. From Antique Victorian Mourning Lace, to the wonderful Vintage Buttons I attach the veils with I think each is truly exquisite.


Fully lined & embroidered with the Laura After Midnight logo on the inside, each is delivered in a travelling/storage box, wrapped in Acid Free Tissue Paper, with Care Instructions & a free Hat Pin.

They simply can’t be topped!

Of course private commissions are undertaken, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have the design in your head, & would like an interpreter! I ship all over the world.

Happy stitching!


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