Spats O’Clock!

It’s quite the hive of activity here at Midnight Heights!

Hot off the presses are my new 4-Button Spats, soon to come flying off my red hot sewing machine will be my Cameo Spats- I think the fabulous Helena Bonham-Carter crawled into my head for those!- & I’m finishing off button detailing on waistcoats and grading patterns galore. . . 

Grading is a very interesting persuit. Because I myself am ample of bosom (Fellas words, not mine!), I have decided to cater to all shapes & sizes with Laura After Midnight. A decision which I am sure will be much lauded with any future success however; it presents it’s own challenges in the here & now: grading being one of them.

Grading is the art of making a pattern bigger or smaller. In order to do so one simply cannot add on to the side seams- as many have tried to  tell me to do on many an occasion- but the careful & calculated addition to sections of the pattern to make the over all thing larger. Adding at the shouler & neck line, taking away a sliver at the arm hole for example.

As pattern cutting is a persuit I love, & one of the few things I am truly good at, this is less of a bore than it might initially seem! 

Initially I am concentrating on accessories, with a couple pieces like waistcoats & smaller items of clothing thrown in to the mix. I very much want to offer size options but as I use a lot of upcycled and vintage trims & fabric a lot of what I make will be very unique or from a limited run; & so every new design is accompanied with it’s pattern, & every pattern needs to be graded.

The utterly fabulous news however, drum roll please!, we are slowly loading all of the products on to Etsy, &  hope the shop will go live in the very near future. . .

Happy stitching!


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