Midnight apologies. . .

Firstly, my sincere apologies for abandoning my post! The last few months have been hectic in the Midnight household to say the least. 

From teaching the way of the stitch, designing for a production (which I am now starting to make costumes for), designing & making for my Etsy venture- which I hope beyond hope will finally launch this month, & all else in between it sure has been busy here!

I feel I should impart some small snippets of news which I am most excited about. . . the biggest being I am hoping a small boutique here in Bristol will soon be stocking Laura After Midnight. They are very interested in the range so far, more news to come soon! Fingers & toes crossed!!

I am also wildly excited about the launch of a video blog for Laura After Midnight. Entitled Midnight Sews, this has been born from a deep loathing of reading so-called crafting & sewing books & finding their instructions incomprehensible. Alongside a weekly drop-in class I host here in the tumbling down Midnight Heights, I have decided to start sharing the knowledge and techniques I have built up over many years sat hunched rather un-glamorously over my trusty & rather splendid Pfaff sewing machine with a series. 

We are just about to film the title sequence, so watch this space. . . 

Happy Stitching!


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