Hats, bonnets & the perfect bow.

I have just been on my very first tentative foray into the vaults of the Metropolitan Museum & I find I am rather giddy with lust!

I am a little bit obsessed with hats & bonnets at the moment, so decided to have a quick look see and oh, my! There are limitless flowery confections of course but, nestled among them, some delightfully understated pieces. It is the colours I immediately find myself attracted to most, deep violets & purples fading to fuschias & blush pinks, every shade of black, green’s, indigo’s & so very many more.

& the decoration! Sigh. . . I am sure I have mentioned my love of bows, & if not, I love bows!! I am eternally in search of the perfect bow, flat bows fascinate & delight me especially when performed in wide delicious silk ribbons that have been ombre dyed & used in carefree, abandoned & almost obscene quantities.

I have found, for the moment at least, the very epicenter of inspiration for me. I can see an endless array of possibilities within each hat, or bonnet, or bow. . .






Happy Stitching!

Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art here www.metmuseum.org


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