L’apollonide or House of Tolerance

Coming to an art house cinema near you soon. . .

Despite L’apollonide or House of Tolerance being entered into competition at Cannes, I have only just stumbled across this film. The story tells of twelve prostitutes, or soiled doves as we English called them at the time (too lovely isn’t it?), at the end of the Belle Epoque in 1900.

Already critically acclaimed for its gorgeous and opulent costumes, it would seem this provides a fascinating insight in to the opium & champagne blurred lives of these women, one of whom has had her mouth slashed & all of which are kept indebted to their Madam & not allowed to leave the very house they work from.

Having said that, doesn’t it look utterly scrumptious? I simply adore the colours of the main poster, the green is divine, & I am in heaven looking at the stockings, trims & corsets on display here. I am also very intrigued by the headdresses &  masks.

I cannot wait to see it!

Happy stitching!

Reviewed here http://www.littlewhitelies.co.uk/theatrical-reviews/house-of-tolerance-17635, all photos are from Google searches.



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