Victorian lace and roses.

I have spent the majority of today happily sewing up Paper Tea Rose Corsages from scraps of Edwardian & Victorian lace & gorgeous cottons and silks.

I am not sure if anyone else who freelances gets a similar feeling for I have also spent the majority of today feeling a little bit guilty that all I had to do was happily sew up Paper Tea Rose Corsages!

I am slowly but surely inching closer to my goal of having enough stock made up to start selling. I find nothing sadder than seeing an online shop with just one or two things in it, & I have listed a few loose goals to hit in the first few months of starting this business up. . . The first being to make a series of garments, accessories and general frivolity that I have pre-designed & pattern cut in an allotted space of time (I have until next weekend eek!!), the second- travelling companion of the first- is to report progress, share pictures and techniques as I follow this progress.

All of this is to ensure I do not get too far ahead of myself & make sure I give equal thought to all aspects of this venture. I have many years experience designing & making both fashion pieces & costumes however; not many in learning to market myself so this holding period is proving useful; as I have used the time to more thoroughly research the avenues of interest out there.  Whilst I do describe what I make as Steampunk, I am interested to find that my design style is a more stripped down version of Steampunk, more precise & with fewer references to cogs!

I am also using the time to research & enjoy reading other peoples blogs, which is proving very fascinating & has sent me spinning away down paths I could not have envisaged even a few weeks ago. I am sure I shall start to reference them here, & share their thoughts as well as mine.

So, to continue the tease, a couple glimpses at the Paper Tea Rose Corsages!


Happy stitching!


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