Where is Steampunk going?

I found this article both interesting & entertaining!

As I am in the process of starting up a clothing line which is currently heavily influenced by the Steampunk and Neo-Victorian style I was interested to read that whilst a move into the mainstream would be welcomed by many; others simply view this with horror.

It is also interesting to realize quite how many things in the last few years. . . or indeed for many years now, have been quietly Steampunk without my noticing!

In asking myself the same question I came to the conclusion that I would like to see Steampunk continue to slowly gain momentum. It’s a movement I have enjoyed watching grow for some years now & I would be disappointed to see the bubble burst too soon as it is still something the ignorant  bystander can stumble across quite innocently & slowly submerge themselves in as I did.

Obviously I am writing this from a UK perspective where Steampunk is still very much in its infancy, I believe, so we have everything to look forward to! Clear skies for airships on the horizon indeed. . .


Happy stitching!


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